Wise Comfort was founded in 2008 in the city of São Carlos, an important technological center in the interior of São Paulo, with the objective of developing, manufacturing and marketing “home care” products to improve the quality of life of people who nowadays are increasingly seeking for well-being with modern products, design and high durability.

Reference in the market, Wise Comfort counts on a team formed by specialists in the areas of product development, quality and automation, with an extensive national and international experience (Asia, Europe and the Americas), responsible for developing high technology products.

For years, articulated beds were designed exclusively for clinical environment and had limited design. Today, everyone can enjoy this technology in any environment, whether residential or clinical.

Wise Comfort stands out for manufacturing and offering anatomical and motorized articulated beds that combine comfort and beauty with functionality, demystifying that such products are exclusive for elderly or for hospital purposes, instead they are indicated for all those who care about well-being.

Future facilities

Innovation and technology are part of the pillars of Wise Comfort and, in line with its environmental policy and values, Wise Comfort began the process of moving its facilities to an area of ​​2,500 m2 in the Ecological Park of Ecotec of São Carlos- SP, an important area of sustainable regional development that reconciles economic growth with social inclusion and environmental protection.


To enable modern well-being products that are elegant, comfortable and of high quality. Residential products that enhance the lives of users, while helping to include and access people who need special care.


To be a global reference in innovation to improve the quality of life.

Our values

Professionalism – Competence, skills, rigor, passion for the work influences positively our clients, suppliers and partners.

Team Spirit – Promoting mutual support, exchanging of experience, encouraging suggestions and creativity. A management philosophy in which everyone wins.

Environment – The improvement of the quality of life is directly related to sustainability, environmental preservation and social integration. Respect for the environment is at the heart of our strategy and philosophy.